Chubb for bell

Would you do that? I’m scared of the Browns offense rn they aren’t doing much
If not for Bell should I go after Gordon or Zeke?

Idk about Bell… I’d feel better w/Zeke. Gordon too makes me nervous w/the timeshare split w/Ekler

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I agree with @Jsmoke718, Chubb is in a higher tier than Bell (as of right now). Both Chubb and Bell are on bad offenses but the key distinction is Chubb is doing more with his touches - he’s averaging 5.15 YPC compared to Bell’s 2.90.

Either go for Zeke or try to get Bell using other players. I would try to lock this trade down ASAP because the Jets’ schedule gets much easier and his value will increase with time. The buy-low window is closing.


@Jsmoke718 @ryanchaparian would u rather trade Fournette or David Johnson for Bell?

Man that’s tough. Fournette is RB12 and Johnson is RB13 (difference of 0.4 points in Yahoo standard leagues). Fournette has the easier schedule and gets more carries per game but David Johnson is an excellent receiver and is immune to game script. They’re of equal value.

My question is: if you have Chubb, Fournette, and David Johnson, why are you trying to trade for Bell who is a downgrade compared to all 3 of those RBs?


Just the schedule is enticing I guess, could you help me out with this? @ryanchaparian
I’m really hurting at QB and WR with Hopkins not doing as well and streaming QBs would you trade Hopkins and DJ for a downgrade at RB but upgrade at WR? Maybe Ingram/Gurley and Adams/Allen?
Also debating if I should try giving up Chubb and Hopkins for a big time WR and solid RB?

I like the Ingram/Gurley for Adams/Allen trade if you can find the buyer. Good time to buy low on both Keenan Allen and Davante Adams.

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@ryanchaparian give up Chubb or DJ?

@matthewm23 DJ

What about this offer? @ryanchaparian

If you accept this trade, who is your WR1? If it’s someone decent, I like the trade. Woods will have his days where he’s a solid WR2. Gordon and Jeffery on the bench for insurance is good.

@ryanchaparian my only other WRs are McLaurin Gordon and Alshon I could pick up Samuels or Dede

After last night’s game, I’d say you should turn down this trade. You’re weak at WR and plentiful at RB.

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Try Chark and Ingram for Chubb and Hunt? @ryanchaparian

@matthewm23 I’m down with that trade. Chark is a rising star and Ingram is pretty solid.

Does it seem like a pretty fair trade cuz I got offered Fournette for Chark straight up and for me I’d rather give up Chubb and Hunt @ryanchaparian

I feel ya. I’d be okay parting ways with Chubb at this point in the season.

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Would you do Chubb/Fournette and Jimmy G for Melvin Gordon and Matt Ryan? @ryanchaparian @Jsmoke718