Chubb for Diggs a fair trade?

10 team PPR. Diggs owner has Barkley so will be RB-needy.

I also have Kamara and CEH. Could try and capitalize off Chubb’s big week 2 or could try and movie CEH after an underwhelming week 2.

My WR are Woods and ARob with Gallup and Lockett on my bench. Should I try and swing the trade or stay put?

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I would think you could get more for chubb than just diggs. i would push for more if your interested.

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Just looking exclusively at the Barkley team, his other WR are Hopkins and Juju. (as well as Fitz, John Brown and AJ Green on his bench). I doubt I could get Hopkins straight up (nor would he probably part with him). And I like Diggs better than Juju with the way Allen is throwing. Diggs has had 13 and 9 targets the last 2 games.

Would CEH be a better offer of does he offer more upside than Chubb season long?

I think they are both pretty high upside. your only worry with chubb is if the split doesnt always work his way. I see your RBs and a strength and there is nothing wrong with that.

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Yeah, I’m not desperate for a trade, I just thought I could try and capitlize on the Barkley owner’s predicament, plus I’m not overly in love with my WRs as Robinson has disappointed so far.

But RBs are definitely my strength and he seems to have a lot of WR depth.

try and trade robinson and something else for an upgrade at WR. convince someone of his upside. Ive been trying to get Dionte johnson everywhere, sadly that ship may have sailed. That seems like a better move for you team.

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I sure would try for more than just Diggs, or actually I would keep Chubbs and offer CEH then add, can throw in Woods.

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I see everyone on this thread is not very high on Diggs for some reason, despite his massive target share the 1st 2 weeks.

Maybe the move is to stand pat then.

It’s not that I am down on Diggs, but Chubbs is worth more than just Diggs. I am a huge Bills Fan and can’t wait til Allen develops a better rapport with Diggs.

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The only thing that brought this on was Barkley’s injury. So I’m fine if no trade happens (and knowing this guy and my league, trading would be like pulling teeth regardless). But just for fun, here are our teams side to side:

ME: Murray // CEH, Kamara (Gibson, Scott, L. Murray) // ARob, Woods (Lockett, Gallup, Deebo) // FLEX Chubb // TE Fant

HIM: Mahomes // Barkley, Ingram (James White) // DHop, Diggs (Fitz, AJ Green, John Brown, DJax) // FLEX JuJu // TE Henry (Doyle)

For what it’s worth, He is about to be 1-1 and I will (if things go well tonight) be 2-0 plus I’ve already played him week 1.

I’d stay put!


I agree with Robert, I would stay put. See if anyone comes to you for a trade. You have great depth on your bench (literally a WR1 in Lockett sitting on your bench). If someone gets desparate, you have some pieces to work with to get value for some of your players.

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Lockett is about to come off my bench! Lol ARob has been a disappointment so far so I think he and Lockett will be swapping spots soon!

Even with A Rob on your bench, you still will have excellent depth. Most fantasy experts picked A Rob to be a top 10 WR this year.

I know I was excited to draft him this year, thinking he was a QB-proof PPR machine but now my faith is beginning to wane. I hate to hit the panic button after 2 games but with Lockett putting up big points so far, I’d be dumb not to roll him out.

It makes sense, especially now that Carroll seemingly took the leash off Rus. I can see Lockett and Metcalf both being in the top 10.

Overall, I think you got a stout team with great depth. I would sit back and let any trade offers come to you.

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As noted, I think Diggs is not nearly enough for Chubb. But that said, I’d like to keep Chubb if I were you.