Chubb for Hopkins - Fair? Worth it?

12-Man full PPR. I am sitting in first place feeling pretty good. Was just offered Hopkins for Chubb. Is it worth it? My RBs will be hurting.

QB - Rodger, Lance
RB - Chubb, Edmonds, Conner, Gordon, L. Murray, Stevenson, Wilson (IR Spot)
WR - Hill, Samuel, Pittman, Patrick, Hilton
TE - Andrews

I would say not worth it. You can afford to wait a week for Chubb and he should smash when back

Thank you. I was thinking that. It was tempting to have Hill, Hopkins, and Deebo

yeah certainly not a knock on Hopkins. in a vaccuum its a good trade. But with your RBs and WRs as they are I think your team is better with Chubb on it

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Thank you! You think I can start Conner and Edmonds this week?

not ideal but yeah I would say so. Basically playing roulette and just pick 2 out of them and Gordon. At least with them you are locking in some sort of (knock on wood) guaranteed production since they are playing houston.

Yeah I’d keep Chubb. I think you have more WR depth then RBs and I’d rather have chubb when he comes back healthy