Chubb for James Conner and Hasty?

Need to win now. I am 3-5 and my only rb is CEH. Am I selling Chubb too low? James Conner has good matchups the next 3 weeks.

please help

Not in my eyes. Conner is a RB1 when healthy and between the two Chubb has a bigger injury risk due to reaggravation potential of his knee.

I feel like Chubb will also have TDs poached by Hunt occasionally as Conner has had. Players probably have similar floors but Chubb has a higher weekly ceiling.

I’d be figuring out maybe how you can get some low end RB2s if possible. That some thin RB depth

It would’ve been a better trade a couple weeks ago given chubb is back week 10 in all liklihood but I think it’s a reasonable offer. Conner is a terrific value right now