Chubb/Golladay ROS..please help!

Who would you take rest of season? They would both be flex plays for me (granted cook comes back and plays). Current starters would be Kamara/Dalvin Cook/Manny sanders/Boyd/Gronk/Chubb. 12 team full PPR

Also have Drake, Hines, Calloway, and Corey Davis on the bench

I like both, but I think chubb will be better. I am in similar situation where I have d Johnson and mixon as my rb, obj and boyd as my wr, then chubb or golladay is my question at flex, with Tevin coleman and potentially Amari cooper thrown in as well.

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Your team sounds similar to mine. Johnson and Mixon as RB1&2; MT and Adams as WR1&2 with Golladay currently as flex, but also have Chubb, Coleman, and Drake as options. Almost through my byes so am looking to package some of these pieces for upgrades.

I have no idea what to do with my team… 3-4… not scoring much. Draft wasnt so great this year lol

You definitely have a big hole in the RB2 slot where Cook is, but Drake has been playing well lately. If he can keep up his production, the rest of your team looks pretty solid in my opinion. But depending on what your bench looks like, could always try and package some of the pieces for higher tier upgrades.

Full team is:


Corey Davis


I haven’t been following the health of Cook, but if he’s due to come back soon you could try packaging him and Sanders for an upgrade at WR, or maybe Drake and Sanders. I think Kamara and Chubb could be a good 1-2 for you at RB. But you need to upgrade at WR if possible.

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What kind of guy would you target for sanders and cook/sanders and drake?

Hard to say without knowing everyone’s teams but you could target a RB-needy team if packaging Drake and see who they have.

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Someone said theyd give me Kupp for Cook and Chubb… What do you think on that

I’d pass. Kupp is injured at the moment, and giving up 2 RBs would weaken your overall RB position.

He said he would throw in clement but,… eh