Chubb/ Golloday

Okay… I asked about this a little earlier but we got off track quickly… Should I trade Chubb for Golladay? Or should I try and package some guys and shoot higher?

Rest of roster is:



Corey Davis


Could really use thoughts on this/other ideas to improve the roster

Just has the makings and volume of a fantasy monster. If I were to trade him, I’d let him blow up the next couple of weeks and trade at a higher value. The potential is grand with Chubb.

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Yeah I agree, but my receivers are just that bad lol

But I suppose if Cook plays this week, Both Sanders and Boyd have good matchups. I could start all three of Kamara, Cook, and Chubb. Or even Drake if Cook doesnt play. Should have a decent week.

Nah you’re serviceable with Boyd and Sanders. Boyd will bounce back this week. Hold Chubb for another week or two and you’ll get a better WR than Galladay. Any GA bulldog fans in your league? If so, target them. They’re all delusional.

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Cook probably isn’t playing this week. Drake is really picking it up though.

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Yeah, I agree. Hard to trust but when he has a good week hes 15+. Alright, ill ride it out. Thanks Caveman!

I’d seek more advice than mine on here and I’d like to hear others opinions myself.

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I appreciate the advice and would love to hear others opinions.