Chubb+Hollywood for Zeke+Fournette+Mooney

I have Chubb/Hollywood. Is this a fair offer for Zeke? The guy is hurting at WR
Full PPR

You are trading down, in my opinion, from Chubb to Zeke; Fournette is a paper weight; you are trading way down from Hollywood to Mooney. I would do this if I was the other guy for sure.

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You think Zeke is a downgrade from Chubb? They both have guys splitting time with Pollard and Hunt. But Cowboys are more explosive offense and run more plays. And Zeke catches passes.

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Sorry, didn’t see the full PPR. Zeke might be a slight upgrade but not enough to give up the downgrade you are getting at WR. Yards: Brown is WR16 and Mooney is WR95. Targets: Brown is WR28 and Mooney is WR47. Average yards per catch: Brown is WR20 and Mooney is WR 117. If you can get a better return at WR, I might do it.

That’s valid. And props to you - not sure how often we get stats in fantasy replies haha. He doesnt have much on WRs:
Julio, Chase, Beasley (I have Diggs), then a pretty steep drop to Chark, Mooney, Shenault.
He does have Hines, Darrel Henderson, Javonte Williams so I could shoot for another one of the RBs