Chubb or collins

Standard 10 team.
Do you wait and see what chubb can do and trust Collins against the saints run d? Or roll the dice on chubb? I dont know if I really believe the hype around chubb just yet but I haven’t seen him play so I cant fully grasp the hype

Give me chubb.

Saints have the #1 run D in the league. Collins isn’t that good to begin with and coaches hate him.

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This is very true but Tampa has also been really stout against the run. Do you think chubb will get some of the passing work or is it gunna be all Duke cause that’s the one way to cut up the Tampa run d

Tampa is without 2 of their starting D line. Biggest of which being McCoy so it’s not the same defense.

Also, I just expect cleveland to be able to move the ball on them and Chubb will get a couple shots at the goal line.

Still expect Duke to get most of the passing work given he’s the teams 2nd best WR.

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That’s good to know i hadn’t checked injury reports yet. But are the browns going to be able to stop the Tampa pass. If they cant I feel chubb will get scripted out.

Browns are a really really good D. Chargers put on a show but there were a couple circus catches in there along with an MVP caliber QB in Rivers. Jameis isn’t that. Tampa Oline isn’t good. Cleveland pass rush will get there. I see this being a close game. Not a blow out in either team’s favor.

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That’s what I thought about the browns d. The box score in that last game is quite deceiving and that’s true rivers is on fire. Thanks for the help I’m plugging in chubb now.