Chubb or Conner this week?

10-team league. Standard scoring. My rbs are gurley and cmc. Right now i have Chubb as my flex, but his matchup is scary. Would you start him still or Conner sounds better this week?
Chubb @ Hou
Conner vs Lac

Id ride with Chubb…he gets a lot of volume plus end zone work, Pitt many more mouths to feed

Chubb scares the shite out of me this week. That Hosuton D looked really solid on Monday and the home crowd was definitely a factor. I feel a blowout coming for the Browns and their young team. Pitt at home is such a different team and SD hasnt been great against the run. I’d go Conner myself. Plus, I love having a quality player left to play either Sunday or Monday, to either pile on the points and bury the opposition or in a deficit make a comeback.

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Conner for me by a decent margin.


connor is the safest play. he will be okay.

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My vote is on conner

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conner it is then, thanks guys