Chubb or connor

Who do you guys like more? I really feel like chubbs going to have a crazy year even with hunt coming back…

@dramkiss is this a keeper and is it PPR, .5 PPR, or standard and how many teams?

10 team standard redraft

I think it will be hard for Connor to have the season he had last year. But he’ll still be a very good fantasy player. Nick Chubb has the backfield to himself for 8 weeks and I think Hunt wont have a big role when he comes back.

Why aren’t you considering Julio? Or Adams? I’m guessing you’re towards the back of the draft…

connor. he has the backfield to himself all year, is on the better offense (at this moment since we dont know a ton about how the browns will operate) has a more clear path to a top 5 RB, with a crazy safe floor. it sucks cause i really really like chubb. but once hunt comes back and eats into his roll (believe me, he will) chubb will lose a lot of value, and at the worst time of the fantasy year. playoffs time. if hunt never went there, it would be a lot closer. but right now with what we know, its connor all day.