Chubb or Elliott

I have the #1 pick in a keeper draft. I am keeping Ekeler and Hock.

I would say Elliott and Chubb are the top 2 RB’s available.


Chubb in my opinion, I may be jumping the gun here but I believe that Zeke is washed up

I am leaning towards Chubb as well.

This depends on your scoring format. In standard or half-PPR I believe both are of equal (mostly) value. In PPR Zeke over Chubb.

Everyone quickly forgets that Zeke was the RB3 while Dak was playing. In addition, DAL O-Line was decimated with injury, only 1 starter played all 16 games (I submit, if you think having a injury plagued O-Line isnt a major factor in performance, look at Mahomes in the SB as a great example). Dalton/DiNucci/Gilbert scared absolutely no one and defenses just stacked the box to stop Zeke. I fully believe with Dak back and the O-Line healthy, Zeke will have a great bounce back year.

Chubb is a stud of a runner on a run first offense. Chubb’s biggest issues is the presence of Hunt and his minimal passing work (16 rec on 18 targets last year) that caps Chubb’s upside. Until Hunt leaves or his pass volume goes up, Chubb wont be top 5.

I know the “what about Henry?” argument. Henry is the exception because he receives 95% of the rush work and is on the field for nearly every snap. Chubb/Hunt split is around 60/40-ish, which is why I believe it makes it harder for Chubb to crack the top 5 due to receiving less work and being on the field way less than Henry.

Overall, depending on format both are about equal-ish value. In PPR, it is Zeke no question.