Chubb or Hunt ROS?

Was considering trading CMC for Ja’marr Chase and either Chubb or Hunt. I’m really thin at WR and could use a boost.

Current Wr’s are: Sutton, Thielen, Toney, Aiyuk, Bateman and Mooney.

League is half point ppr

Bumping up

If your willing to move CMC id want someone other that those two personally. Chubb if I had to choose. Id message the league and say CMC is on the block, looking for a WR1 and a borderline rb1/2 back (or whatever you actually want) and let offers come to you

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I had a Antonio Gibson and Justin Jefferson offer but if I do that then the other guy will have Henry and CMC

I certainly like that offer way more than DJ and Chubb but I see the hesitation. that is a nasty combo to have to face and would probably have me shy away from that.

What rbs do the Adams/Hill/Kupp type have? Most everyone will want a chance at cmc if they feel like they can actually get him.

Personally I wouldnt be willing to part with him and would figure out a different way to upgrade a WR

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The Hill owner has Saquon, Fournette, gaskin and both Damien and Darrell Williams. He also has McLaurin as his other WR

The Adams owner has Javonte Williams, Melvin Gordon, Mike Davis and backups like Mattison and Hubbard. His other Wr’s are Lamb and Metcalf.

The Kupp owner has Cook, Jacobs and a lot of backups as well. Her Wr’s are also Hopkins and Dionate Johnson