Chubb or Jacobs Trade

Assuming I have the option to trade one of them away on a trade, who would you rather keep?

I had super high hopes for Chubb and was not sold on Jacobs, but as it looked from Week 1, the Browns might very well be over-hyped, whereas Jacobs’ volume is fantastic and should allow for a generous fantasy score each week.

On the other hand, it was only the first week + I still see Chubb is ranked higher in every site possible, and regardless the Browns are a much better team that should be ahead in more game than the Raiders, which should benefit him.

Any input would be much appreciated :slight_smile:

Jacobs, kicking myself for not drafting him but just don’t trust any Raiders and could not do it. I think they are in trouble this week with their secondary and will not be able to use Jacobs as much.

I don’t trust the Browns either. Giving GL work to a rookie is dumb this early. Long term though I think Chubb will be ok. I see the Raiders having to abandon the run a lot more.

I have both, imo Chubb is the proven work horse. Jacobs is not on Chubb’s level, BUT he’s running behind the biggest O-line in the league…that makes him look good. As of right now I’d keep Chubb over Jacobs…it’s too soon to tell if JJ will pan out. But I could be wrong, time will tell.