Chubb problems, help?

Do I need Chubb? I have much left of faab. See roster. I had two close beats sitting at 2-4 in a competitive 12 team. See roster

Any thoughts?

I think Chubb’s speculative value is worth dropping NE for.

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35 might not be enough to get him but I would try.

Definitely try man. He could be a complete bust, or could be gold.

I picked up Ne for bills next week

Thanks y’all would you play Chubb over Collins or kerryon?

I’d rank them Chubb, Kerryon, then Collins.
Chubb is strictly ahead based on potential workload, then Kerryon because he’s shown his value. Collins has been ineffective this year with them leaning towards Allen in the redzone.

Am I the only person resisting the low hanging fruit of this thread title?
I want to make a viagra joke SO bad!

I’d buy into Chubb for sure!

Lol I’m afraid to get him. Having 0 faab ros will be tough

This is one of the moments that can change a fantasy season. You spend it all. Period

Gah you right

I don’t think I’ll get him though but worth the dart throw

Cast your every penny.

Every penny was cast someone got him for 45