Chubb trade 777

I would be giving up Chubb. Dont know if the major upgrade at TE is worth it though. What do you all think?

As long as you have the depth at WR to lose Gallup I like the trade for you.

Obviously Ertz is a big upgrade, but I personally think Mack and Carson is better than Chubb and Freeman.

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I would take the second trade as I would prefer to keep Gallup. But might see if you can do better for Chubb and Freeman. Not a bad trade though.

O I didn’t see it was two different trades. I would also prefer to lose Woods over Gallup.

I rather keep Gallup too. I dont have great wide out depth. But someone offered me D Hop for Mark Ingram and I still have James Conner on my roster.

take that trade for Hopkins