Chubb vs. David Johnson Week 13

Who do I start?
Chubb or David Johnson.

Win is going to get me a bye in the playoffs.

I’m interested too. I currently have DJ in, in my full ppr league. I just dont feel comfortable starting Chubb against Houston at home. I’m not thrilled with DJ’s matchup either but feel more confident that he’ll remain a part of the gameplan regardless of the score. I could see Duke seeing more time if Houston shuts down the run, which I see as likely. Last weeks results in the passing game were encouraging for Chubb and if I knew he would remain in, in all situations, I’d probably go with him over DJ. Still a lot of time before Sunday to hash this out.

Yeah, it’s tough, right. My league is Half PPR, so I guess it might give a slight lean towards Chubb than yours. I’m a bit worried about the weather in GB, and thinking the CLV-HOU might be a higher scoring game overall… You’re right, there is more time.