Chubb vs Mack Remainder of Season

Hi All,

I’m in a debate with a teammate and need some thoughts from other sources.

For the remainder of the season (Week 6 and beyond), who is the better running back for fantasy purposes: Nick Chubb or Marlon Mack?

This is a half PPR league.

Let me know who you would prefer on your team for the remainder of the season and why!


Hard to say. I lean Mack because of their great O-Line. Plus I worry about Chubb when Hunt comes back. He’s still going to be good, but I worry about him slipping back to low RB1 high RB2.

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Completely understand. My buddy feels the same way that you do.
I have hesitations about attempting to trade Chubb to end up with Mack, but with Hunt coming back, Mack’s O-Line, and the Browns playing like the Browns, it might just be the right thing to do.

The struggle is real

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My vote would be Mack.

Mack has the harder schedule but the better offensive line (as mentioned by @trevor_darr) and the better offense.

I don’t worry about Kareem Hunt taking too much of Chubb’s work, he’s the RB1 on that team and I don’t think it’ll be a 1A/1B type of situation when he returns.

I would wait for another big week from Chubb and then sell him for a solid RB/WR package.

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