Chubb vs. Michel?

Would u rather take Sony Michel or nick Chubb ROS and into playoffs

Half ppr

I don’t think I have strong conviction either way but here’s some thought worthy points. I think Chubb is the slightly better back but michel is on a much better team. Patriots have a much more diverse offense with a variety of weapons including gordon, gronk, white, (maybe burkhead soonish), and Edelman. Browns are more concentrated on who gets material amt of touches. Chubb will get more carries each game. I didn’t compare schedules but that’s another point. Also, michel recently suffered that injury which may mean he’s not 100% even though he’s playing.

Thanks for input. And yea I agree with you forsure, a hard one to decipher. I’m trying to package together a 2rb and 1wr trade deal for Gurley. Trying to decide which to give away…

Chubb given ROS schedule and the fact that there is no injury risk there.

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Mike not sure if you saw his injury in college, but it was horrific. Amazes me someone can walk after such an injury, much less play NFL football. He doesn’t have recent injury like Michel, but Michel has nowhere near the severity of injury as Chubb.

I did. Was really heartbreaking to see. I honestly think if he didn’t have that injury, Chubb would’ve been a top 10 pick.

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I like Chubb ros based on schedule and being healthier right now too.

Sonys had the lingering knee injury all year. I don’t see it going away.

What was the injury???

His leg basically snapped in half at the knee sideways instead of forwards and backwards like how a leg is supposed to work. It was gruesome.

Go to YouTube and type Chubb knee if you have the stomach for it. It was vs my beloved Vols.

McGahee had a nice career after a pretty sickening injury so I’m hoping it’s behind him. Chubb’s injury happened what 3-4 years ago and he’s performed well post injury.

DAMN!!! Amazing that he’s still producing like he is now!!! BUT…that’s the diff between being a “young/healthy” vs like Smith (who might be done). Posted an article on here earlier about that: “Thiesmann/Smith”…which ended Theismann’s career!!!

It’s a testament to Chubb’s admirable will. He worked his butt off to come back the following year and had a solid season. Did even better his senior season. So this is year 3 from that injury and he looks great. But still, that happened.

Think I’ll just take you and Mike’s word for it. I’ve got him…and LOL…would prob have a stroke every time I see him scarfed up in Linebackers, waiting to see if he gets up or not!!!

OMG!!! Almost wished I hadn’t seen that!!! Damn…had to watch close…BUT…yep…saw it!!! WOW!!!

His leg was unhinged at the knee. I think every major ligament was torn.

Unbelievable!!! And look at him now!!! LOL…………WOW!!! That’s commitment and DETERMINATION for ya!!!

To Mikes point yeah, he would’ve been a top 10 pick a year earlier had that not happened to him. Sony scarcely saw the field prior to that injury he was so dominant, as a freshman and sophomore in the SEC. What a story though that he is where he is following that.

Very well put!!! UNBELIEVABLE!!!

Yup. It use to be the Gurley and Chubb show.