Chubba FAAB

How much FAAB should i spend on Chubba? I am planning on trading him to the CMC owner for a good player. Thoughts? Thanks!

as someone who doesnt really need him im most like still gonna bid some like 20 on him. I thought I wouldnt get Mitchel and I did for 21 so who knows but he’ll go for atleast that. Idk about emptying the faab for like a 2 week rental who isnt the talent of cmc anyways

So your plan is to buy him to trade him? Dirty :joy:

Dirtier would be if the CMC owner has some depth and tells you to go fly a kite with your one-week rental.

I’m a CMC owner and barely escaped last week to move to 3-0. I had planned on dropping a ton of FAAB on Chuba, but with CMC not going on IR; he may only miss 2 weeks and when he returns Chuba will be nothing more than a handcuff again. That said - hamstring injuries get reaggrivated.

I wouldn’t put a lot down on him unless you intend on using him. Like AxeElf said - the CMC could say buzz off and then you wasted a ton of FAAB for a week or two of someone you may not even play.

Edit: Unless the CMC owner is super desperate; you’re not going to get the return you are probably expecting.