Cincinnati vs Pittsburgh

I think Cincy finds a way to win this week. The Steelers O is decimated. The Bengals have played decent the last two weeks against stiffer competition so this could be the week they get a win.

Mixon is a bug part of the Cincy O and I think he’s involved for sure in Sun. Samuels will be used too but with all the players out I think the Steelers O is worse than the Bengals O.

Steelers D is much better than the Bengals but does the O of the Steelers put too much pressure on their D?

So all of this makes me think the Steelers will be behind and will throw more but with Pouncey, Conner and Juju out it should be easy to shut down a back up RB and WR? So does the advantage go to Mixon in this situation?

What do you think happens Sunday?

Anybody? need advice!