CJ Anderson and Carlos Hyde for Gordon?

Should I do this trade. I have the depth so that’s why I’m thinking about it

This is my roster in my 8 team standard league.

QB: Aaron Rodgers
RB1: Davonta Freeman
RB2: CJ Anderson
WR1: Brandin Cooks
WR2: Michael Thomas
TE: Travis Kelce
Flex: Tarik Cohen
D: Oakland
K: Justin Tucker

B: Carlos Hyde
B: Adam Thielem
B: Mark Ingram
B: Brandon Marshall
B: Jaguars D
B: Austin Hooper
B: James Winston

I’d do it… you have the depth plus gordon looks like a beast (i drafted howard over him ):

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I think it’s a pretty even trade. Getting Gordon on your squad would be great. Do it!

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