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CJ Anderson - Hot or Not?


Hey footclanners! I’ve been doing a bunch of mocks and CJ is always left over in the middle rounds. Am I wrong to think if he stays healthy he could be a stud this year? Jamaal can’t really take too many touches from him, can he?


I’m ok with him in the middle rounds but I wouldn’t reach for him. I think they will use Jamaal sparingly due to that injury history but lets not forget CJ has had plenty of opportunity to run away with the job and has never really done it. He has an awfully no ceiling even if Jamaal doesn’t eat into his touches all that much. Which I expect him to do.


It’s going to be really tough to wait and see what happens in Denver. If Jamaal Charles ends up being a bust (which is likely), then I have all the faith in the world on Anderson being a #1 RB again. He is really good when he’s healthy, and the new HC is defensive minded, which means he’ll want to control the tempo of the game and run a lot in my opinion.


Im with you, Im having a good feeling with CJ. I think he could put up good numbers, especially if Charles wont be 100%


I was so high on cj this year for a sleeper in one of my leagues. With the eye test he just looks like twice the back booker is and I think Denver knows that. So they bring is Charles which I can understand because of what happened last year when CJ went down… Im not drafting CJ because I don’t know what im getting.