CJ Anderson or Joe Mixon?

This is for all the marbles and I need to let it hang out in week 17. IMO Mixon is on most likely the worst football team in the league. I am having a hard time deciding whether to start Mixon due to how crappy the Bengals are right now. What say you Foot Clan?

I’m assuming since most leagues are done a ton of clan members are basically done with the season. I don’t get a lot of responses due to not being a premium member I guess. Oh well, thanks for responding to previous posts throughout the year and I will get this done on my own. Peace

I don’t know who the bengals play but I don’t think it matters. I’d go CJ Anderson. I’d expect it to be similar to last week but a slightly better D.

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I’d probably start CJ again. Gurley is def not playing and isn’t Cinci playing Pittsburgh? There’s no hope for Mixon with no passing attack to open the up the field for him. Plus Pittsburgh is fighting to get in playoffs.