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CJ Anderson Trade


CJ Anderson for Mark Ingram and Devante Parker. Thoughts?


Depends on your roster but I wouldn’t do it. Anderson is a workhorse back and that’s rare in today’s NFL. Ingram is inconsistent as is Parker. You can probably flip Anderson for more. That said, it’s not an unfair trade.


I like workhorse backs. I am loaded at running back with Hunt, Gurley, Freeman, Kamura and Tampa Bay Doug. What about offering Gurley for Julio?


You’re definitely confirming my train of thought. I thought it was a pretty fair offer from the other guy, but I don’t love the lack of clarity in the backfield in NOLA. Thanks for the tip


That seems like a pretty fair trade. Not sure how panicked the Julio owner is, or how what the ceiling on selling Gurley is, but that’s a pretty good trade.