Cj, lamar, Smallwood, white, and Thompson! Let's hear it!

Start 3 this week in ppr. Cj Anderson, lamar Miller, Smallwood, James white, Chris Thompson

This one is easy for me… Thompson, White and Miller. I think Denver goes back to the run game this week but I think Jamaal Charles is more involved so I don’t trust CJ.

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You don’t think Smallwood is gonna take over now that he’s healthy?

I had already decided on miller and Thompson for sure. Pretty much between Smallwood or white

Thompson, White and Miller

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Its hard to sit James White in a PPR league. Especially in a game that I think will produce a ton of points. Maybe Smallwood takes over but Blount has been better and better so I don’t think it makes sense. But I get where you’re coming from.

pulled the trigger on Thompson, white, and Miller. I also have Marlon mack who ended up with a good game