CK or ZE dynasty value

Who do you like more in dynasty

Cooper Kupp or Zach Ertz

im diggin on cooper right now. he is sneaky cause he didnt start turning it on till the last half of the season last year. first half he was on pace for 46 catches 600 yards and 6 TDs. second half was much better. 72, for 1000, and 4 TDs. they lost watkins, but added cooks. which pretty much gives him the slot roll all to himself making him highly valuable in a PPR. ertz is great and all, and its nice to have a top TE in dynasty. but his production could drop a lot because of tray boo boo. not crazy drop, just enough to make him decent not great.

Ertz. Top 3 TE, 27 years old so he still has a few prime years left, only on year 2 of a 5 year $42 million dollar extension, another year with Wentz with many more to come, and Trey Burton is gone.

Cooper is good, but I don’t see him as even a top 25 WR. Give me Ertz and let me lock in one of the best at his position, especially since TE is brutal.

oh shit. thats right i got it mixed up in my head. he went to the bears. i still lean cooper, but that does make it better.

Ertz was my hero last year, so I maybe a little biased, but that’s who I’d go with. Burton is gone so there really isn’t anyone looking to steal any of Ertz’s targets and despite the man love King Goffrey and Kupp seem to have, we don’t know what cooks brings to that group, he maybe more of a match than Sammy was.

The Eagles did draft Goedert in the 2nd, who will be as good, or better even, than Burton (IMO). I don’t know if he’ll threaten Ertz early, but I do expect that to be a competition. Especially with Ertz’ concussion history and large contract… He makes for a very shaky piece. And Kupp is a PPR machine!

This is a tough one. I like Ertz more this season, but going forward I lean Kupp.

Ertz is the higher upside to me, a player the Eagles will continue to build around going right into TE prime years. I am a huge Wentz believer, so a major piece of the Wentz offense is extremely valuable.

Cooper Kupp is only 2 years younger than Ertz, sharing with Cooks and Woods and I would just trust yourself to be able to find an equivalent WR somewhere else.