Claim Devin Singletary off of Waivers?

Devin Singletary is still on my waivers in my league. McCoy is off to KC now. Should I pick him up and if so who should I drop?

my team:
QB: Big Ben, Lamar Jackson
RBs: Lev Bell, Gurley, David Montgomery, Chris Carson, Malcom Brown, Darwin Thompson
WRs: Thielen, R. Woods, Mike Williams, Curtis Samuel, DJax
TE: OJ Howard

Im all over Singletary

I’d drop Brown personally.

agree with MikeMeUpp

even if he’s my gurley handcuff?

I wouldnt keep more than 1 handcuff on my bench. Darwin vs Brown vs Singletary. Pick one.

who would be the better handcuff in that case? Darwin? but he’s gonna be 3rd RB on the KC team since McCoy is there

The time to own handcuffs to your own RBs are:

  1. during the off season. I.e if you draft early, fine to hold handcuff incase your guy goes down. Although even then, i prefer to own other peoples handcuffs
  2. Once you secured a playoff birth and no longer need depth, just need to secure your starters.

Right now we are about to be in week one of playoffs. Time for owning your own handcuffs is over. Time to own handcuffs period is over but if you want to own one, own one for someone elses team so you have that upside.

Fantasy advice: Don’t take second string running backs!

Also fantasy advice: Take third string running backs!

Good luck in week one of the playoffs!