Claypool Droppable?

Is Claypool droppable at this point???

Ive been trying to add him to trades just to get him off my team. Im strongly debating dropping him. If theres anyone on waivers worth it I plan to currently there really isnt for me.

5/7 games under 10 points in Half ppr idk when Id really ever feel good starting that

I’m in the same boat. He’s my WR4/5 and most my guys are through the bye. I feel like the extra roster spot is more valuable than hoping he does something.

Id still prefer to move him in a trade as an extra piece. He did have the 2 games that were looking like him last year. 9/15 for 96 and 5/6 for 130 and a TD. He hasnt had less than 5 targets a game all year so hes better than any waiver I can grab right now.

I agree, he’s better than anything I can get off a waiver. So I’m just going to hold and keep trying to package him in a trade.