Claypool or Drake/Edmonds

Standard scoring non-PPR

Very disappointed Drake owner. Picked up Edmonds last week as potential handcuff for a bad draft pick of Drake.

Also happened to see Claypool just… sitting on waivers. So now I have all 3.

My QB is on bye, so I am streaming Big Ben.

Do I go for the Claypool/Big Ben combo and hope for another big connection? Or do I figure out the Drake/Edmonds correct pick?

I’d lean Mapletron (Claypool).

With standard, I jist try to pick the player most likely to score a TD… Drake will have the safest floor… I think Dalton is getting entirely too much credit… Cowboys aren’t about to put up 50 on the cardinals… I can see Drake being used heavily this game with probably a few goal line carries… all that being said, I could be entirely wrong lol. With Diontae being ruled out, Claypool might have a similar floor with even higher upside.

Just go with Claypool.

I’m having a hard time deciding what to do between drake and edmonds as well. I don’t know who is the upside play. Even though drake has the touches, I don’t know he has the floor? Lol it’s strange