Clear Vernon Davis or Bears D/ST for Woodhead IR add?

I have to clear someone to move Woodhead off IR. I think it’s either the Bears D/ST (who I like their week 13-16 match-ups) OR Vernon Davis (who was a bye week fill-in for Gronk)… What do I do?

QBs: Dak, Cousins
RBs: Hunt, Kamara, Abdullah, Lewis, Woodhead (IR)
WRs: Jones, Hill, Parker, Smith-Shuster, Sanu
TEs: Gronk, Davis
D/STs: KC, Bears
K: Walsh

Not sure how much I love the Bears DST, but at least you plan to use them. Davis is expendable with Gronk back and isn’t even a good back up plan knowing Reed could be back any week (including this one). I’d cut him, but do it on Saturday if your opponent needs a TE this week.

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Thanks! We are getting down to the time where it is sometimes better to hold two D/STs… I don’t 100% get how IR on ESPN works (first year with it). Does the bench spot need to be open before he comes off of it? Or, is there a window?

In some of my ESPN leagues its no IR-I wish they would update there system etc-Very generic-I would compare it to playing Tecmo Bowl-