Clement or Smallwood

So with Ajayi done for the year, which one is the better add in a .5 PPR? On paper it looks like Clement is the obvious choice, but Smallwood has been playing really well without Sproles around. Both on waivers in my league and I can only grab one.

clement was always technically the handcuff to ajayi, so it probably makes the most sense to grab him. he’s a better runner while smallwood is used more as a pass catching, change of pace guy. i’d say clement is the better add for upside potential, though he has had injury issues of his own, so smallwood is probably the more conservative choice for ROS purposes. but i think clement’s upside outweighs smallwood’s seemingly more assured longevity, so i would add clement.


Honestly, this looks to be a mess when Sproles gets healthy too. RBBC

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Real answer? No one knows. Could be clement one week, smallwood another. Neither have distinguished themselves enough to be the clear backup tbh. Clement played more earlier cause smallwood dealt with some injuries and was recovering. Then clement has been injured so small wood stepped in for a bit. It’ll probably be some sort of committee or Philly will go and acquire another RB to be the lead.

Wish seahawks would trade Penny to philly. One can dream…