Close Call Trade Advice

I am giving up Tyreek, Tev Coleman, and Jamaal Williams to receive Fournette, Golladay, and Devante Parker. No specific team needs so straight up who wins this trade for rest of season?

If you need RB help I’d take the Fournette side. They both have their ups and downs. But I’d probably lean on the Fournette side overall.

I think Fornette > coleman and Hill is > Galladay (close) and parker for Williams is a team need thing. I prefer parker over Williams. So if you need RB more then looks good.

Yeah, Also I am considering Fournette has an easier playoff schedule than Tyreek and Devante Parker may breakout for rest of season. Honestly not a big fan of starting Coleman so Golladay is an upgrade to me

Yeah I’d take the Fournette side then. Golladay has been a target machine.