Close Calls

Golden Tate, Martavis Bryant, or Keenan Allen week 1? Full point PPR.

I’d go with Bryant.

Martavis and it is easy for me.

The Steelers aren’t going to throw on the road, and rhey aren’t going to need to. The only startable steelers on the road are Bell and Brown. Bryant is last of the three for me. Allen has a tough matchup, but I still think he has a good game. Tate us probably the safest.

Awesome, thanks a lot. I appreciate all the feedback

They’re not going to NOT throw the ball on the road. Bryant only needs a couple targets to turn up IMO. I’d go Bryant here or if you don’t feel that I’d stick with the #1 in Allen. just my 2 cents

I agree, his deep threat ability vs. a weak Browns defense is probably my best shot at points given Patrick Peterson, Honey Badger… Talib, Chris Harris are swallowing up my other receivers. Thanks guys.

I think one could charitably infer that I didn’t mean they would literally not throw the ball. They do, in fact throw the ball less on the road, and do so less effectively. Bryant is the their option in the passing game, and 4th offensive option overall. Could he get a big play or te9 and be fine? Sure. Could he get two targets and be a non-factor or close to It? Absolutely. I don’t see nearly as much risk with the other two.

You were correct :frowning:

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The Steelers are at home this week, just an FYI. Out of those three it is close for me between Bryant and Allen but I would probably lean Allen just because I think he will have a few more receptions and possibly a TD. Also, the Ballers have Allen about 20 spots higher in their flex rankings if that helps.

Yeah, props. I should have listened but 3 people said Bryant so I went numbers. Haha. Still won though.

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