Close games vs blow outs

Do RB’s usually do better when their team has a large lead vs WR’s on that same team? Is it vice versa? What about close games? I am curious and don’t know if there is a pattern with this not.
Possible blow out games this week

  • Saints vs Jets
    -Falcons vs Bucs
    -Jaguars vs Texans

Possible close (hard fought) games
-Patriots vs Steelers
-Chargers vs Chiefs
-Packers vs Panthers

Which matchup would you rather start players in?

It depends on the type of running back. A pass catching running back may perform better when playing from behind, well an early down grinder would prefer to play from ahead and kill time. Ultimately I usually don’t let it affect my lineup decisions to much unless I am looking at an early down back who will almost certainly be trailing. But if a team is playing from behind it means more targets and volume, playing fast pace. If they are playing from ahead they have already put a lot of points on the board so your players are fine. It works both ways. Don’t overthink that aspect IMO.