CLOSED: Need a replacement, Yahoo 1/2 PPR 2 keeper Auction

Hello all, due to unforeseen circumstances, I am left on short notice to find a replacement in a 2 keeper league thats been running for 3 years. This is a pretty active league and I always have a blast. keeper rules for this league are that you can keep players for up to 3 years, with the cost of that player being the price you paid in the previous year’s draft plus an additional $5. For example, one league mate drafted Alvin Kamara for $5 last year, this year he can keep him for $10, next year he can keep him $15, and the year after for $20. The fourth year he will be placed back into the eligible pool of players. For waiver additions, you may keep those players for the current year’s Average draft cost, usually determined around August 10th each year. Our keeper deadline this year is August 26th, one week prior to our draft. Now I know it will be asked so I will list the team that is available along with their keeper price for this year (out of a $200 budget)

Tom Brady: 15
Julio Jones: 73
Adam Thielen: 14
Jay Ajayi: 14
Tevin Coleman: 15
Greg Olsen: 18
Demaryius thomas: 38
Jamaal Williams: 6
Gio Bernard: 6
Matt Stafford: 7
Eli Rogers: 1
Torrey Smith: 6
Cordarrelle Patterson: 1
Harrison Butker: 1
KC D/ST: 6

If you have any other questions feel free to ask, if you are in and have 0 questions, leave your email below!