Club Chubb and bye week trades

I picked up Ito and Chubb this week and am feeling good at RB. Looking to make a trade for either a WR or TE

RB: Kamara, CMC, Kerryon, Drake, Ito, Chubb
WR: ARob, T. Boyd, J. Edelman, Fitz, G. Allison
TE: Trey Boo Boo

I would LOVE to find a way to package Drake and trade away, but not sure if I can right now. Looking to trade ARob and Chubb for TY Hilton. Thoughts on this trade, would you package different players?

Also, I am a heavy favorite to win this week, should I target someone like DeVante Adams or AB who are on by and trade CMC + somebody else?

If you want Adams or AB, don’t think you have to give up CMC+. Should be able to acquire for just CMC. Especially given CMC Bye has already passed. I’d be careful about relying on projections though. Just cause you’re projected to win doesn’t mean much. We are playing the most unpredictable game after all.

I don’t think you have to give both ARob and Chubb for Hilton, especially if they are RB needy. Should try and float a Fitz + Chubb or Allison + Chubb. Not saying they would accept that but could start there.

Agree with you that things could change quickly, was more trying to add context that given projection and currently sitting in 1st place, I’m okay taking on a little risk if it means making my team better in the long term.

Appreciate the advice, the Hilton owner picked up Gore this week so he’s definitely in need. Maybe I’ll see if he’s interested in Drake as well.