Clyde Edwards-Helaire - yea or nay?

Am I the only person that is questioning the anointing of CEH as a TOP 5 BACK? The Ballers (consensus) have him as the #5 back and #6 overall. But how sure can we be that a rookie (missing quite a bit of preseason) will produce to warrant such a high pick?

In my half PPR league, I am drafting #6 (we publish the draft order in advance) and in most of my mocks, the top 5 going off the board most of the time leave me with Dalvin Cook and CEH. I won’t draft Cook and I am uncertain about Edwards-Helaire. Give me your opinions to help me decide to vote for CEH or go for D. Henry instead.

KC local and heavy chiefs follower so obviously I love CEH. Here’s what I’ll say to try and be objective, right now Darrell Williams is taking reps as the number 2 back, that might seem like the least scary option but it could indicate an early timeshare as Darrell is the closest thing the chiefs have to a short yardage back. The Andy Reid offense is complex and most rookies see very specific roles in the offense, and while RB is simpler in terms of route trees and responsibilities I still think this contributes to my early timeshare theory. Could be a good chance to buy low at week 4ish, or take a chance because I think back 3/4 of the year he could easily be a top 3 back.

See, you hit the nail on the head. I have no doubt that he will be great, but I am concerned that for the first 4-6 games he is going to acclimate to the system and not be as valuable. I am thinking I would rather spend my first round pick on someone else that will produce right from the start. I am really hoping that some of the QB happy folks in my league draft Jackson or Mahomes in front of me, so I can get one of those top 5 players.

I would prefer Henry, Jacobs, Sanders, Mixon, Chubb etc all over CEH. It’s insane to me that people want to draft him over proven workhorse RB’s

Guys - thanks for your input. I have hesitations about CEH, and the first round is not a place I want to take a potentially risky pick. Depending how things fall, I will either take Thomas or the better RB left (but not Cook).