Clyde v Burrow in Dynasty Superflex

I got offered CEH for Burrow.

Okay so in my mind Burrow is the obvious choice in a dynasty superflex, but a lot of trade charts have him at lower value than Clyde? This even in dynasty trade charts.

Am I missing something? Superflex created a pretty intense QB shortage, but I’m hurting at RB too.

Tough call. I think I’d take the shot at Burrow in a Super Flex dynasty league. KC seems to be trying to flex their muscles in the passing game, as of late. They’re still the better offense, so that’s why it’s tough to discount anything CEH has to offer. But I like what I’ve seen from Burrow and I like the way that offense is shaping up.

I tend to agree. It feels like Burrow just keeps getting better.

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Especially for Super Flex, I’m always looking to start a QB in that spot, if I can. QBs score 20-25 points, on average, depending on your league. And even if it’s a down week at QB, I think they offer more than an average week for a RB