CMAC & Diggs for Saquon

Full PPR

My team:
QB: Wentz, Cousins
RB: Melvin, CMAC, Kerryon, Ekeler, Breida
WR: Tyreek, Edelman, Diggs, Sanders, Tate
TE: Engram, Kittle
K: Lutz
Def: BAL

His team:
QB: Winston
RB: Saquon, DJ, Conner, Tevin Coleman
WR: Godwin, Golladay, Funchess, Hogan, Coutee, Fitz, Quincy
TE: Ertz
K: Zuerlein, Chris Boswell
Def: Chi

What do you all think?
I am currently leading the league at 5-1, should I just settle with my team and not mess with it?

Thank you

naaah you would be selling extremely low on cmc. He can put up similar numbers as saquon, or just below that. I would stick to cmc right now as tds will eventually arrive and he already had his bye week.

Saquon is officially top Tier RB. He’s above CMac. He’s not having carries poached by Cam and he can catch.

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We would do it as Barkley is about to tear up the NFL!!! You have great depth in full ppr with edelmen and tate!!!

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