CMC/Agholor for OBJ?

Receiving OBJ… already have Kamara and Howard as well @ RB

Receivers are Fitz, Doug Baldwin and Josh Gordon… (we start 3)

Bench is pretty much irrelevant.

Half point ppr… What do you guys think?

Done deal. You need another startable WR. Kamara / Howard is more than serviceable.

I’m very high on CMC but that’s a fair trade either way and given your team needs, it’s a huge win for you.

Would you prefer trading Howard? I liked what I saw from him last night and has a nice schedule.

CMC losing goal line carries with Anderson and then Cam scrambling kind of worries me.

If this is any PPR format, I’d rather have CMAC. If its standard, then could be closer.

So if you can do the deal with Howard, I would definitely rather do that.

CMac had 10 red zone carries to CJ’s 4. CMAC played 85% of the offensive snaps and was being used as an in between the tackles runner and actually looked a lot better in terms of driving the pile yesterday. I love the usage, production will follow.

Having Cam on goal line is something that will always cap CMac’s TDs cause Cam is the best goal line back on that team. But he more than makes up for it on receptions. He had a couple of 20ish yard catch and runs called back due to penalty. I’m still all in on CMac this year.

Good point there.

Appreciate the insight man. Hopefully I can get the deal done.