CMC and D. Thomas for D. Adams and J. White

I’m currently in 1st place in my big money league, season is going well at 6-1 but would like to secure another solid WR. This league rosters 1 QB, 2 RB, 3 WR, 1 TE and 2 FLEX (plus kicker and DST). One of the other teams wants CMC from me pretty badly and I’ve been holding onto him but I’m considering making this trade offer. I’m thinking of offering CMC and D. Thomas for D. Adams and J. White. What do y’all think of that to get another solid WR (since we start 3). My current roster:

QB: Brees, Wentz
RB: CMC, Zeke, Hunt, McCoy, Ekeler, Clement
WR: OBJ, Gordon, D. Thomas, Fuller, Coutee (who I have a wavier request in to drop and pick up Aaron Jones)
TE: Rudolph
K: Bailey

I traded Evans, Breida and Michel earlier in the season for OBJ, Hunt and McCoy

That wouldn’t be the worst trade, I would do it. Hopefully James White can continue to have a big role.

Would actually be an amazing trade for you, but I doubt it will ever get accepted. Can’t hurt in trying.

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Yeah I’m not sure he’ll accept it either but he wants CMC pretty bad so I thought it might work. Guess there’s only one way to find out lol.