CMC and Dak for Henry and Mahomes?

We just drafted yesterday In a ten team non-ppr. I had the first pick and was able to get CMC. Directly after the draft I was offered:

CMC, Dak and AJ Brown for
Henry, Mahomes and Sutton.


CMC and Dak for Mahomes and Henry

I feel like I don’t want to give up CMC but idk if he’ll have a repeat of last year. Below is my team

QB: Dak
QB: Cam
RB: McCaffrey
RB: Sanders
RB: Zach Moss
RB: Tevin Coleman
WR: Julio
WR: AJ Brown
WR: Chark
WR: Gallup
WR: Crowder
WR: Tate
TE: Engram

The one without AJ Brown is tempting…

Since this is a non-ppr, CMCs typical difference making receptions aren’t of the same value. Henry should have similar-enough production to warrant the upgrade at QB. I like Brown more than Sutton in standard, too.

I think, given that it’s a standard league, I’d do this.

Another way to look at this:

You are getting their (what I assume) is 1st and 2nd/3rd pick for your 1st and some late round pick.

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That’s kind of the way I was leaning too. Only reason he offered Sutton for brown was so I don’t have to start both brown and Henry but I’m really not too high on Sutton. Thanks for you input.

I wouldn’t do this trade you don’t need mahomes dak will be fine this year and you have cmc

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