CMC and Godwin trade

10 team 0.5 ppr

Give: Mccaffrey, Godwin

Receive: Drake, Golladay or Thomas (meaning he’ll do either one)

My current rb: montgomery, taylor, coleman white

my current wr: ridley, lazard, landry, slayton, jefferson

worth mentioning my te is Kelce

Would this trade be worth it? im concerned mccaffery wont be back for 6-8 weeks

What do you mean “Golladay or Thomas?”

My bad, basically hes giving me a choice of whoever I would want, it can be golladay or thomas

Ok well I’ll say this. You 100% do not trade CMC and Godwin for Drake and Golladay. Never even consider that.

If it’s CMC and Godwin for Drake and Thomas…maybe consider it. But I’d still lean towards not doing it. You’d be getting an injured star for an injured star and trading an injured star for an underperforming star. I’d rather stick with what you have.

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Yeah im in a relatively good position in the league, so this was really more exploratory but i agree with you