CMC and Mostert -- A story of sadness

My first seven rounds looked something like this: CMC, Waller, McLaurin, Lockett, Aiyuk, Mostert, Michael Thomas. I really didn’t want Mostert as my RB2, but I kept being sniped right before my picks and lost out on players like CEH, David Montgomery, Swift, and Carson. But I figured I had time to pick someone up off waivers after week one surprises. Other notable picks included Fitzpatrick (was banking on Lance playing before Fitz got hurt) and Darnell Mooney.

Coming out of the draft, I was feeling pretty good. But now…now we’re at a level of panic that I haven’t gotten to in a while. I guess that’s a fair way to feel when the most talented running back that’s not hurt is Jamaal Williams.

I managed to pick up Derek Carr and Rondale Moore so that doesn’t completely suck…

I need two things from my fellow footballers. One – please tell me I’ll be okay, give me hope, or at least give me a shoulder to cry on. Two, help me figure out what I should do to move forward. My current thought is “Sell high on Lockett and/or McLaurin”. But my only offer right now is Antonio Gibson and Juju for Lockett…

Oh, also no IR (I DON’T KNOW WHY) and half ppr :slight_smile:

I can sympathize a little I drafted middle of the pack and picked up aaron jones, due to being stacked at WR (kupp lockett, hopkins godwin, cooks) and not being a big Jones believer. I traded Jones and Cooks for CMC earlier this week and now I get to receive my CMC on Tuesday as the trade as accepted before the thursday night game but didnt process till after.
Im struggling to see a light at the end of this tunnel as well but I believe in us to pull through. My current stance is let the week shake out and try to approach with a semi clear head Tuesday morning. Your best bet which is what I’ve been thinking is to just trade Lockett away for some reasonable RB’s that you can trust a little. Or like you said Maclaurin but based on the players you gave those are the only two I think you’d be able to get some fair trades for.
I wish you lucky my friend stick to your guns as long as you can dont cave to a trade cause you’re in a state of weakness I believe in you to turn this team around


Seriously? You traded two elite RBs to get one?

I hope you’re not giving advice to anyone else.

You’ll be okay; there’s always next year.

Weird that you think Cooks is a RB considering he’s the only receiving option down in Texas

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Fair enough. I read it as Dalvin. Too many cooks in the kitchen.


I used to type the whole name out for players like them cause I was worried something like this would happen, then I got lazy, all good!

Man that is BRUTAL – didn’t even get to enjoy it for a single week. Had to drop someone off your bench too…I’ve been trying to remember a year where I started 0-5 and still came back and won the championship. Hopefully he’ll only be out for a week or two.

I think that you’re right and gotta see it through this weekend. Reset next week, and try to sell high on a player or two to get a more balanced team.

Best of luck to you too – we’ll get through it one week at a time. I have faith that we’ll both be around championship weekend