CMC/Chuba for Gibson/Ja'Marr?

0.5 PPR Redraft. 2RB/3WR/2Flex

Should I trade away CMC/Chuba for Antonio Gibson and Ja’Marr Chase?

Currently 4-3 in a 10 team league.
WR: D Adams, C Ridley, D Johnson, AJ Brown, A Robinson, K Toney, M Thomas
RB D Henry, E Elliot, CMC, T Pollard, C Hubbard, Darrel Williams

Any advice would be appreciated.

I dont think I would. Your team is extremely deep at both positions and I think your team is better with just adding CMC back vs throwing the other two in the mix. Certainly not a bad offer though I would say it just comes down to your feelings on if/when CMC comes back.

Thanks so much.
I’ve been leaning towards staying put and just hoping for the best.

how on earth did you get CMC Zeke Henry and Adams all on the same team??

I drafted Henry.
Traded Swift/Fuller/Patrick for Zeke after week 1.
Traded DJ Moore/Harris for Adams.
And somehow sent Javonte Williams for CMC straight up.
Unfortunately it hasn’t translated to more than middle of the league so far b/c of highest points against but Fantasy Football can be a cruel mistress.