CMC for a haul?

Send - CMC
Get - M Sanders/1.05/1.06/2.07/2.10

I have the 1.04

RBs - Saquon/Drake/R Jones/Singletary/Hines/Mattison/White/Snell

WRs - Evans/golladay/Aiyuk/cooks/M Jones/R Anderson/Crowder/Perriman

On paper I should dominate with CMC and Saquon… but it hasn’t happened the last two years. The thought of having the 1.04/1.05/1.06 picks seems super enticing… what do I do???

I think the value is fair enough but you have to break it down individually. Who would you most likely get with those picks and do they combine with miles sanders to replace the value of cmc? I would say no. Now if one of those picks was a top 3 pick than that would be a different story. But I also don’t have a lot of confidence in sanders either rn. I would say you should either get a better rb than sanders or demand a higher pick