CMC for A. Jones

10-team 0.5 PPR, 6-team playoff

Team Context (currently 7-2, 1st overall):

QB- Lamar
RBs- A. Jones, Mixon, Mitchell, Montgomery, Carter
WRs- Deebo, Pittman, McLaurin, Higgins, Bateman
TEs- Kelce, Knox

I was offered CMC for A. Jones. Conventional wisdom says to smash the accept button, but that darn voice in the back of my head is telling to think about it.

CMC’s recent soft tissue injury history and his schedule for playoffs is pretty rough, playing BUF wk15, TB wk16, NO wk17, is telling me to hold up. However when healthy, CMC’s production is unmatched.

Jones’ playoff schedule is decent, BAL wk15, CLE wk16, MIN wk17 and has been healthy all season. However, Dillon is starting to take more and more work from Jones.

My conundrum is, do I take the huge upside of CMC even with a gross playoff schedule or keep Jones with a decent playoff schedule but possibly being in a time share by then?

Thanks Footclan.

Id take CMC. the idea of his upside can win any week and Jones hasnt been what I had expected with Dillion taking just enough work to make him not a top end stud

Well, I guess I took too long to decide. The trade was pulled. :sweat_smile: