CMC for AB and Patterson?

Half ppr redraft Id get CMC

team would be

Kamara, CMC, Mixon, D harris
Keenan, Diontae, Theilen, meyers

Take it and run!

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Or theres a possibility of Barkley straight up for Thielen but neither are confirmed offers but are being considered by the other teams

I actually got CMC/bucs defense in a trade for Sutton, gronk , and gainwell. I have hubbard too lol

wow id be surprised to see him go for so little how big is your league?

Either way that haul is certainly not enough in my book even with the injury risk with cmc

12 man double flex 7 bench. so pretty deep.

But the guy was desperate. He was last place, his team is decimated with IR and he was playing me. lol

So i guess he panicked

Our CMC owner is 2-5 second to last and super weak with WR and doesnt have stud rbs so I think my offer would help his team personally.

AB as in brown? or AJ?

Antonio Brown

In the same league i Actualyl got that deal done for Zeke and meyers lol.

It would be great if you had hubbard as an insurance tho. But if CMC comes back, its GG

As a zeke owner, would you do mg3 and jamall will for pollard and fuller?

I dont like that all too much but depending on how much you like fuller I guess I could see it