Cmc for cooks and jones

10 team full point ppr
I offered cooks and Aaron Jones for CMC and the cmc owner said he likes it I’m just trying to get thoughts before I hit send on the trade.

RB: Jones Montgomery gaskin Gordon Edmunds
WR: kupp Lockett Hopkins Godwin AB Cooks

RB: Cmc, Davis, white,
WR: juju, gage, Metcalf, shepard, Anderson, Gallup

We verbally agreed at work I plan to send it over when I get home later just looking for opinions

I mean… CMC is a virtual LOCK for 20+ PPR points per game… Hands down the best player in fantasy… Jones is completely hit or miss… he could get you anywhere from 5 to 40 points. Cooks you likely got for free and he’s clearly your WR5 at best… It makes sense for him to shop CMC for a RB plus a WR… but he should be able to do WAYYY better than this offer. There’s absolutely no way I’d let him think about this all day.

Your only hesitation should be that the rest of your league could get pissed at such a lopsided trade going through… IMO.

I work 3-11 and he works 4-10 this morning so I wanted to get home and check a couple things before I sent it. Honestly everything you said I agree with word for word and I that’s what had me asking. It almost feels like hes pulling my leg.

He accepted the trade and my phone was instantly blown up with 2 other owners “Im voting against”

And that’s why your commissioner should take away the rule that other people can veto/vote against your trades. I know the footballers said this in an episode awhile ago, but they don’t like the rule that people can veto a trade when the two traders have agreed with each other and are okay with it.

So, it sucks that you won’t get CMC because they think it’s cheating, but in reality, you and your coworker think that you both are getting value for the players you would’ve been given/traded

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I know what you’re talking about I remember that episode actually, I wish I knew how the veto process worked I have never seen a trade veto’d in any fantasy sport ever. I assume its a majority of the league has to vote against it, as opposed to the whole league needing to vote against it.

On a semi unrelated note, Its an league, the trade is pending till friday morning, Which means he can start CMC this week since its a thursday game, but Jones has a sunday game not a thursday game so I would be unable to start him. Am I gonna get screwed out of both RB’s this week just cause of the Thursday game? or is this change going to be reflected on the next weeks lineup? Im willing to accept not being able to start either rb this week just wasnt sure how that would work with the thursday game