Cmc for Henry

Full PPR keeper
Both players can only be kept one more season. I was offered Henry and a 4th for cmc. Would you take it? I feel that are both pretty even for me even with the full PPR plus the possible hamstring coming back

This one is tough. I would keep CMC I think, unless you’re worried about the injuries. It’s a toss-up trade though, go with who you’d rather have! I’d prefer CMC still just cuz he’s always guaranteed 3-down passing work.

Yea it’s tough. I love cmc, typically not worried about the injuries but hamstring gets me a little just because it’s so easy to re injure. Part of me wants to pivot but then I see his nice Vikings, giants and falcons schedule coming up haha

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I would hang on to CMC unless you’re in a spot where you really need to manufacture some wins. CMC is just sooo valuable in PPR and if I saw a path to the playoffs without him, knowing that I would most likely have him for the playoffs, I wouldn’t trade him for just about anything. I realize that he didn’t make it back for the playoffs to help people last year, so it wouldn’t be a terrible trade if you accepted it…I think I’d just be inclined to give it more time, but that’s assuming a good or even average start to the season.